Shingle Roofing Contractors in Dallas, TX

Shingle Roofing Contractors in Dallas C.J. Hewitt Construction

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Shingle Roofing in Dallas, TX are one of the most popular services we provide here at C.J Hewitt Construction.  And since shingle roofing materials are an affordable and versatile solution, a lot of residential and commercial construction companies choose shingles as their roof covering of choice.  As a result, we have thousands of shingle roof replacements under our belt.  Who wouldn’t, after two decades of experience in replacing and repairing shingle roofs in Dallas, TX? When you call us, you know you’re dealing with professionals.

If you’re just looking for a minor repair, we can do that, too.  We can even color-match your existing shingles for a seamless fix.  We have an extensive list of manufacturers.  If you have documentation regarding which materials were used when your roof was originally installed, no matter who installed it, there’s a very good chance we can order the exact match.  Whether it’s a small patch job or a partial roof replacement, if you don’t actually need to replace your whole roof, we’ll be the first to let you know.  With proper maintenance, you can get a lot out of your existing roof and save both time and money.

We also install roofing on new construction projects.  If you’re building something totally new, we can install a roof according to the project specifications, and even offer advice if you need it.  We have a lot of experience working on residentialcommercial, and industrial projects.

Our Shingle Roofing Process


We use a majority of the most popular shingle brands, including GAF, Owens Corning, and CertainTeed.  We’ve been recognized as certified CertainTeed SELECT Shinglemasters.  Regardless of which brand you choose, all of our installations comply with California’s cool roof laws for energy-saving efficiency.  All of our installations comply with the FHA and ARMA ventilation requirements.  Our project management team comes to the job site daily to make sure everything is on track.  Our office checks in with every customer to ensure your satisfaction. We have a special Family Safe Clean-Up procedure that keeps roofing debris away from pools and landscaping. We even recycle all of our old shingles, so you can rest easy that C.J Hewitt Construction is roofing sustainably for your peace of mind.

C.J Hewitt Construction is your local shingle roofing expert.  We’re licensed, bonded, and insured, and we use all of our own equipment and vehicles.  

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