What Type of Shingles are Best for My Roof?

By elvis

December 14, 2020

Much goes into determining the best material for a roof. You have to think about look, safety, durability, sustainability, etc. Of course, if you opt for the whole package then you’re going to pay a hefty sum. Assuming this topic pertains most commonly to the middle-class American, we’ll try to find the match between roofing material perks and affordability. We’ll also factor in location–North Texas for the purposes of our primary customer base.

Wood Shingle Roof

With all of this in mind, the most ideal roof available to North Texas residents is a wood shingle roof. Wood shingle roofs are on the affordable spectrum in comparison to other roofing materials. You should be able to get this type of roof installed within the four-figure range. It costs a bit more than traditional asphalt shingle installation; however, the additional benefits of wood shingles will justify the extra cost.


Wood shingles provide a natural look for a home. They create a rustic, comfortable look that blends well with all sorts of house textures. Ultimately, a wood shingle roof offers an improved perspective from that of an asphalt roof. It’s also going to be considerably cheaper than slate or tile.


Wood shingles are slightly denser than asphalt shingles; therefore, they should provide more protection from heavy rain and high winds. Additionally, wooden shingles protect well against fires. You will want to have them treated on occasion to ensure they stay in good condition.


Wood shingles have a general lifespan of around 25 years. If you can spend less than five figures for a 25-year roof then it should definitely be considered a worthwhile investment. The only real maintenance issue with wood shingles is the fact that they are susceptible to algae and moss. Thus, this specific type of shingle is more appropriate for roofs that are commonly exposed to the sun. These shingles will require additional maintenance if they spend a good amount of time in the shade.


They may not be slate or Testla Solar tiles, but wood shingles still bring a decent amount to the table when it comes to sustainability. In fact, wood shingles are said to have an insulation value twice that of asphalt shingles (per roofingcalc.com). The added protection should save your home a nice chunk on electricity.

Other roofing types have their benefits as well, yet, wood shingles stand out as the best affordable option. Metal, slate, and clay roofs can last a long time but they can be expensive to repair. Each is also going to cost excess of $10,000. Generally speaking, asphalt or wood shingles are going to be the best roofing materials for Texas homes.

C.J. Hewitt Construction Roof Shingles

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